Jenessa Skye


Drawn in by this beautiful muse whom you have unwittingly laid eyes upon, you know instinctively that she is not like any other girl you have met. Her cheeky smile has captivated you, her charisma electric. Only the two of you matter now, and you will stop at nothing to see her… 

This tantalizing temptress is none other than yours truly, Jenessa Skye. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance. I have hazel eyes, high cheekbones and full lips, with long brunette hair with blonde undertones. Standing at 5’7” with a 36D bust, be prepared to lose yourself in abundant curves accentuating my athletic physique.

My close friends would describe me as a genuine, easy-going confidant who is always radiantly energetic. I pride myself on looking, feeling and being my absolute best, and regularly do Pilates and the Peloton to keep myself in top shape. To be blunt, if you are into athletic girls and toned derrieres, you will find me to be absolutely irresistible.

Beyond physical characteristics, I am also a self-professed philomath, and constantly seek to challenge myself with meaningful experiences that enrich my life. Blessed with a university degree and a chance to travel the world frequently, I especially adore the cities of Toronto, Paris, London and Dubai. I do enjoy art galleries and all types of art and self-expression. I also have a great affinity for animals, and regularly volunteer at an equestrian stable, and spend time with my adopted dogs and cats.

I am empathic and a great listener, as I believe heartfelt conversation is a precursor to a genuine connection. I encourage you to be yourself when we are together - all that we share is safe within our private oasis away from the humdrum of mundanity. As a lover, I am affectionate and giving, yet I will also tease, tantalize and stimulate your basest desires. What flavour is your fantasy? Whisper to me your erotic secrets, and I will show you how quickly those can be escalated!

So, who are those whom I count as my lovers? Being a low volume provider, I am selective about whom I spend time with. My preference is towards respectful and intelligent men who appreciate my inner beauty as well as my physical beauty. Integrity is a trait I value highly, and I trust this runs both ways. If we are meeting for the first time, may I suggest a dinner date? It will give us plenty of time to know each other in an unrushed setting, with plenty of tantalizing morsels left for dessert. 

When we meet, my dress style is always elegant and discreet, allowing me to be the perfect companion for any social function. Your associates will be impressed by this mysteriously eloquent student of fine arts… subtly envious even. Behind closed doors however, I am the work of art that you get to explore. We are limited only by imagination – ours is the sort of hedonism and passion that comes only from a genuine connection.

Let me occupy your thoughts for now. Our escapades await… all you need to do is say the word.

With anticipation,


An Introduction
1 Hour ... $500

The Connoisseur
90 Min ... $700

The Indulgence
2 Hours ... $900

The Gourmet
3 Hour lunch/dinner date ... $1200

The Rendezvous 
6 Hour extended lunch/dinner date...$2200

"Fly me to you" engagements
Please inquire 

*** Please respect that rates for my time and companionship are non-negotiable.


I am a caring, giving and non-judgmental person. I believe the best in people, but there are still basic rules to observe, to ensure we have a memorable encounter. Prior to our date, please do read my website completely, paying attention to my Etiquette and FAQ sections.

Discretion: Privacy and safety is paramount to both you and me. Please be honest in providing your verification details. Any information used in my booking form is for my screening purposes only, and will not be stored or shared.  I also ask that you not divulge any details of our date, and I shall do the same for you. If you absolutely cannot resist writing a review from our unforgettable date, please do so in a tasteful manner.

Donations: My appreciation is for my time and companionship only and is non-negotiable. Any attempt to negotiate before or during our date will result in the appointment being terminated. 

Punctuality: Please be respectful of our date and be punctual for our date. Not too early, and certainly not running late! I will unfortunately not be able to extend the duration of our date if you are late. 

Hygiene: Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance. I am always immaculately groomed and I ask that you do the same in return. A minty fresh breath is a great ice-breaker!

Alcohol: There’s no need to be nervous during our date. If you like, you may bring an unopened beverage of choice, or I can provide one for us to share. However, being inebriated or disorderly during our date is a big no-no!

Behavior: As with any date with a lady, I expect you to be chivalrous and be a gentleman. Kindly refrain from explicit questions and statements. I will also not respond to disrespectful language or requests for specific acts. 

Extensions: I certainly don’t blame you for not wanting our time to end! If you would like to extend our date, simply let me know and have the additional appreciation ready. If I have no other commitments conflicting with our time, I am happy to spend more time with you.

Cancellations: Sometimes, the unexpected happens and you have to cancel or change our date. I understand that. However, please provide as much advance notice as possible and call or email me. If you simply do not show up, I will have no choice but to forfeit any deposit and blacklist you from all future appointments.


What services do you offer?
I am a human not a service. I choose to spend my time with classy men who treat me with respect and not as a service.

Can we meet in public prior to deciding if I want an appointment?
Absolutely, Once the verification process is complete I am happy to meet you for coffee. The same rates still apply.

I've seen you in the past when your rates will lower. Will you see me at the lower rate? 
In the past I tried to accommodate clients that I had seen when I was new to the business. Unfortunately, this led to attempted negotiation and haggling. My rates are my rates.

I'm a Pro Ballplayer/Celebrity/Rich local businessman. Everyone knows who I am so why do I need to go through the verification process?
In this instance, please save both of our time and find another lady to spend your time with. If you are cocky, arrogant or self-important will not get along and you neither of us will enjoy our time together.

How do I know the photos on your website are real? Can you send me some 'selfies'?
I value my privacy. (And yours as well) I will not provide selfies or photos that are not on my website. In addition, photos or video are not allowed during our time together.


Thank you for your interest in setting up a date! Advanced bookings are encouraged and highly appreciated.

Kindly review the Etiquette and FAQS pages prior to requesting an appointment.

Please understand that full verification is required for ALL clients. If you are unwilling to provide the information listed in my booking form, we would unfortunately not be able to meet.

Be assured that verification information obtained is handled with the utmost discretion, care and is used ONLY for my safety and to verify your identity.

*If we have met in the past please provide me with the approximate date, city, location and any additional information that will help me recall our encounter. (Re-Verification may still be required)

Kindly complete my booking form below, or send me a PM via P411 (my P411 ID is P85978)

I do my absolute best to get back to you within in 24 hours and I look forward to meeting you soon!

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